IT Procure & Implement Services

Do you need an IT solution, but can’t afford an IT Manager or expensive consultants?


Do you have a need for new IT infrastructure, printers or telecommunications, as a result of growth or moving to a new building?

Do you have a new project for a customer, need an IT partner, but don’t know where to start?

Is your business growing and you need IT Services?

ITem Consulting Procure & Implement Process

  • Free, no obligation quote – analyze IT requirement
  • Provide procure & implement proposal, with estimated savings and/or benefits
  • Sign proposal and NDA’s
  • Understand your business and how your business will use the required IT services or systems
  • Write “Request for Proposal” documents for contracts that are expired or due to expire
  • Invite various relevant suppliers to provide proposals and setup meetings with each to answer questions and clarify uncertainties
  • After receiving first draft proposals, request changes to bring in line with requirement, if applicable
  • Evaluate final proposals and shortlist best proposals – customer involvement
  • Negotiate best pricing with shortlisted suppliers
  • Choose best supplier/proposal – customer involvement
  • Plan and coordinate implementation with new supplier until fully implemented

IT, Telecommunications & Printers

    • Internet & Other Data Links – ISP’s


    • Telephony & Other Fixed Voice Services


    • Mobile Voice & Data Contracts

    • Printers, Printer Rentals & Managed Print Services

    • Software Licensing & Subscription Services

    • Cloud & Hosted Servers

    • Data Centre & Server Infrastructure

    • Firewalls, Switches, Wifi & SD-WAN Infrastructure and Services

    • Cyber Security Services & Infrastructure

    • IT Support Contracts & Services

Why Us?

  • Item Consulting receives preferential pricing from suppliers, as our clients benefit from the number of tenders we do.
  • Extensive market and industry knowledge on different available products and services that best suit your business.
  • 20 years IT & 60 years Telecommunication industry experience.
  • Extensive project planning and implementation experience.
  • Item Consulting takes responsibility of the entire process end-to-end, from designing solutions to finalizing implementation.
  • Open and transparent process, ensuring our clients are well informed and happy through-out.