IT, Telecoms & Printer Expense Management

Do you need savings within your business… either in IT or by implementing IT?


Are your contracts up for renewal and you are not sure you getting the best deal?

Do you need IT expertise to look at IT spend, but can’t afford an IT Manager or expensive consultants?

Your systems are unstable, but you can’t afford an increase in cost to rectify?

ITem Consulting Expense Management Process

  • Free, no obligation Assessment – analyze IT spend, services and supply-chain
  • Provide expense management proposal, with estimated savings and/or benefits
  • Sign proposal and NDA’s
  • Understand your business and how your business use or can use IT services or systems
  • Optimize existing spend, through consolidation and cutting of unnecessary or unused services and cost
  • Write “Request for Proposal” documents for contracts that are expired or due to expire
  • Invite existing and other relevant suppliers to provide proposals and setup meetings with each answers questions and clarify uncertainties
  • After receiving first draft proposals, request changes to bring in line with requirement, if applicable
  • Evaluate final proposals and shortlist best proposals – customer involvement
  • Negotiate best pricing with shortlisted suppliers
  • Choose best supplier/proposal – customer involvement
  • Plan and coordinate implementation with new supplier until fully implemented

IT, Telecommunications & Printers

    • Internet & Other Data Links – ISP’s


    • Telephony & Other Fixed Voice Services


    • Mobile Voice & Data Contracts

    • Printers, Printer Rentals & Managed Print Services

    • Software Licensing & Subscription Services

    • Cloud & Hosted Servers

    • Data Centre & Server Infrastructure

    • Firewalls, Switches, Wifi & SD-WAN Infrastructure and Services

    • Cyber Security Services & Infrastructure

    • IT Support Contracts & Services

Why Us?

  • Item Consulting receives preferential pricing from suppliers, as our clients benefit from the number of tenders we do.
  • Extensive market and industry knowledge on different available products and services that best suit your business.
  • 20 years IT & 60 years Telecommunication industry experience.
  • Extensive project planning and implementation experience.
  • Item Consulting takes responsibility of the entire process end-to-end, from designing solutions to finalizing implementation.
  • Open and transparent process, ensuring our clients are well informed and happy through-out.